Inflatable Giraffe Costume – Cartoon Animal Design for Halloween, Zoo Events, Performances, & Party Dress-Up

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Attention: This inflatable giraffe costume is suitable for adults and not intended for children.
Please use a small USB charger for inflation instead of batteries for convenience.

Package Included:
1 x Inflatable Giraffe Costume.
1 x Air-filled Fan.
14 x Battery Box (Battery Not Included).
Power bank are possible to use. Free choice of two power supply modes.

The battery-operated fan quickly inflates the costume, ensuring a seamless dressing experience. Avoid keeping the fan in a pocket for an extended period to prevent overheating.
Before wearing the costume, securely tighten the outer ring to ensure the fan stays in place during shipping and use.
If the costume is not fully inflated, loosen the ring and adjust the fan towards the front for better head inflation. Also, tighten the drawstrings for a snug fit.


High-Quality Material: Made from durable and lightweight fabric, ensuring comfort and ease of movement during wear.
Inflatable Design: The costume inflates quickly using the included air-filled fan, allowing for an impressive and eye-catching look.
Cartoon Giraffe Design: The costume features a cute and whimsical giraffe design, making it a hit at Halloween parties, zoo events, and performances.
Easy to Use: Simply step into the costume, secure the straps, and turn on the fan for instant inflation. The costume is easy to wear and remove.
Versatile Usage: Ideal for Halloween celebrations, zoo-themed events, animal performances, and party dress-up, providing endless fun and entertainment.
Adjustable Fit: The costume is designed to fit most adults comfortably, with adjustable straps and drawstrings to ensure a secure and personalized fit.
Battery Box and Power Bank Compatible: The costume includes a battery box for convenient power supply. Batteries are not included. Alternatively, you can use a power bank for inflation, giving you the freedom to choose your preferred power supply mode.

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